Infra-Red Heating for Bedrooms

Many homes, hotels, institutions etc. now use laminate or other ‘hard’ surfaces in their smart bedrooms and these look really great. But step out of your cosy bed on a cold morning and you quickly discover the downside of doing away with the deep-pile carpets. This is easily rectified by specifying electric underfloor heating below the handsome flooring. Set the thermostat and leaving the warmth of the duvet will no longer be the chore you dread; you’ll positively look forward to the feel of the warmth and comfort you’ll get from your Vysal underfloor heating. And even if you do have carpets in the bedroom, the efficiency and effectiveness of Vysal underfloor heating will still make a considerable improvement to your bedroom environment.

But if installing underfloor heating is not an option at this stage, there are other infra-red solutions including heating in or on the ceiling which, being infra-red, will also warm the floor for you. Kust check out the products below.

Underfloor Heating for Bedrooms

Heating Mats
Heating Cables
Radiant Film 130W/sq m
Radiant Film 160W/sq m
Heating Foil

Other Infra-Red Heating for Bedrooms

Heating Cassettes
Infra-Red Wall Heater Panels
Radiant Ceiling Film
Vysa-Clear Mirror Demisters
Warmsoles Under-Rug Heating Elements



Vysal offers practical task lighting solutions in the form of spotlights and downlights. There are a range of spotlights in classic style utilising either bright and efficient tungsten halogen lamps or modern eco-friendly LED options. The fittings themselves come in a choice of modern finishes to suit all decors. Use Twistswan spotlights for lighting pictures or features and really highlight your treasures. Similarly, Twiststalk spotlights mounted on the ceiling can be used to really bring objects to life.

We also offer a wide selection of recessed downlights utilising different lamps and features to bring efficient space-saving lighting into any reception rooms. Just check out the ranges on offer.

The illumination of mirrors is an important consideration in bedrooms. It is not the mirror itself that requires to be lit but the object – usually the face – in order to be able to see in detail. For this usage, Vysal offers a wide range of striplights with or without shaver sockets. These can be selected using either a 284mm 60W tungsten filament striplamp – the same technology as the old filament light bulb or a compact fluorescent energy-saving option or even a linear LED eco-friendly ‘fit n’ forget’ lamp, especially useful for institutional applications. The 284mm striplamp provides the ideal colour of light to suit skin tones and is a very popular option.

Lighting for Bedrooms

Twistwan Spotlights for picture/feature lighting                                                                           Twistspots 3 on a Plate                                                                                                  Twiststalk Extended Spotlights                                                                                        Twistspot Spotlights                                                                                                        Recessed Twistspot Spotlights                                                                                        Twistpoint Tiltable 240V Downlights                                                                                      Twistpoint Fixed 240V Downlights                                                                                      Lightpoint Scoop 240V Downlights                                                                                        Lightpoint Fixed 240V Downlights                                                                                          Fire-Rated Downlights                                                                                                      Skeleton Striplightfor cupboard/shelf lighting                                                             Razorlights over-mirror lights incorporating a shaver socket                                       Decorlights matching Razorlights but without a shaver socket                                                       Slimlights over-mirror lights                                                                                         Illuminated Mirrors

Electricals for Bedrooms

Decorshave Shaver Sockets (can be used without the remote isolating transformer in bedrooms)