Heating for Corridors, Hallways etc.

In many instances, these are often the draughty, ‘forgotten’ areas of a building, be it a home, an office, a hotel or wherever, yet it is the first place a visitor experiences. Underfloor heating is ideal in such areas to make them so much more welcoming and user-friendly. In modern buildings there is often restricted space so why waste some of that precious resource on pipes and radiators or storage heaters when underfloor heating is more efficient and user-friendly?

But if installing underfloor heating is not an option at this stage, there are other infra-red solutions including heating in or on the ceiling or walls which, being infra-red, will also warm the floor and the walls for you. Just check out the products below.

Underfloor Heating for Corridors etc.

Heating Mats
Heating Cables
In-screed Cables
In-screed Cable Kits
Radiant Film 130W/sq m
Radiant Film 160W/sq m
Heating Foil

Other Infra-Red Heating for Corridors etc.

Heating Cassettes
Infra-Red Wall Heater Panels
Radiant Ceiling Film
Warmsoles Under-Rug Heating Elements