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Heating for Farms & Zoos etc.

We have much expertise in this specialist area. For farms, we offer both underfloor heating and surface-mounted infra-red heating unit solutions. Scientific study has shown that the use of underfloor heating in the farrowing pen can have a significant impact on reducing piglet mortality in the first 12 hours of life and this low cost investment should be considered carefully. Many other areas on the farm need additional heat and our infra-red ranges offer solutions to most such needs.

In terms of zoos, we have worked with several in designing solutions to providing the right environment for animals from exotic locations using both underfloor heating and surface-mounted infra-red heaters. Infra-red is ideal for animal husbandry as it replicates the natural heat of the sun. This is very important for reptiles and snakes and we have products for both zoos and individual keepers.

And don’t forget our Pipe Frost Protection Cables which can save much heartache in the cold winter months when external pipes and taps are freezing solid. Just check out the products below.

Underfloor Heating

In-screed Cable Kits for Livestock>/a>


Other Infra-Red Heating

Far Infra-Red Heating Units
Terrace/Patio Heaters
Infra-Red Radiant Panel for Church Pews
Infra-Red Church Heaters
Pipe Frost Protection Cables
Liqui-Save Heating Elements
Vivarium and Palludarium Heaters