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Garage heating

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Traditional space heating solutions in garages are expensive to install and run. They can also encourage condensation and damp but infra-red does not and garage heating using Vysal’s underfloor heating or wall- or ceiling-mounted units will protect your special car far better than any other means.

Garages need to avoid rust and chrome pitting that comes from warm, damp atmospheres. Many classic cars have significant bright-work and owners want to protect this from chrome pitting as it is expensive to replace or repair. This will also make a huge difference to the originality of the vehicles. Infra-red, not being convection heating, reduces moisture and dust. These are major concerns for car owners as they can damage cars. Dust covers, which are used for the protection of classic cars, are expensive to purchase and can sometimes damage paintwork. So consider either underfloor heating or ceiling or wall-mounted infra-red heaters to provide year-round economical protection for your treasured vehicles.

Garage Heating – It’s not just Ferraris and Mclarens and vintage cars that benefit. Here a Fire Brigade is using Far Infra-Red Heaters to protect their vehicles.

And don’t forget our Pipe Frost Protection Cables which can save much heartache in the cold winter months when external pipes and taps are freezing solid. Just check out the products below.

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