recessed lightingVysal has been established as a reputable supplier to the electrical wholesaler trade for over 20 years and has an enviable reputation within the trade as a supplier of high quality products offering exceptional value for money.

We focus on niche products and specialise in what we know so that you can be certain that you are getting well designed solutions for your applications. We don’t attempt to do everything or even be the cheapest but we do offer quality and value for money.
You can expect our products to still be giving good service in 15 years time – and longer. They are produced from high quality materials and assembled in an ISO 9001 certified factory.

Everything about the world seems to be getting more complicated. The regulations? What products are permitted in this area or that? Who do I buy from to be sure of performance, reliability and longevity? We can supply the answers.

Many of our products easily surpass the Building Regulations Part ‘L’ requirements where the ultimate benchmark of efficiency in low energy lighting is a minimum of 40 lumens per watt.

Our sustainable lighting LED lamps are distinctly ECO-Friendly with no toxic materials used in their production. LED technology is now capable of providing a reliable LED lamp which will light as well as we want and need, yet which uses very little energy. For example, our 7W LED GU10 lamps have a light output equivalent to a 50W Halogen dichroic lamp and use 86% less energy! LEDs don’t ‘blow’ , they simply get slightly dimmer very slowly – so end of life is typically defined as being when they emit only 85% of their full brightness – typically 50,000 hours.