240V DET Incandescent Lamps


240V DET Incandescent Lamps

Replacement 284mm 60W DET lamps for Razorlights and Slimlight striplights.

The DET lamp traces its origins back to the early days of lamp development some 80 years ago and it hasn’t changed much during that time. It is a very popular lamp with users because of it’s characteristics when mounted above mirrors in bathrooms and is used for illumination when applying makeup or shaving. The soft very warm white colour is kind to the face.

The DET lamp has poor lamp life at the best of times and life deteriorates further if installed in the vertical attitude or in an application where it experiences vibration. We recommend that you never install luminaires in the vertical attitude. The only attitude to use the DET is on a wall – i.e. horizontally on a vertical surface. Do not use it as under cabinet lighting either. The heat output tends to melt chocolate biscuits in the kitchen cupboard above. There are many other fittings with low energy consumption that will do the job better.

Colour Temperature : 2700 °K (Very Warm White)

Lamp Base : S15-s

Lamp Envelope : Clear

Length : 284 mm

Light Output : 840 Lumens

Lamp Life : Average 1,000 hours

Installation attitude : Horizontal only

240V DET Incandescent Lamps

Order Code Product Description Colour Temp. Light Output
8652 60W 284 mm DET Lamp 2700 °K (Very Warm White) 840 Lumens

240V ECO-Friendly 3W 284mm DET LED Lamps

Order Code Product Description Colour Temp. Light Output
8999 3W 284 mm DET LED Lamp 2700 °K (Very Warm White) Equivalent to
60W DET Incandescent Lamp