Battery Powered Lighting Kits


Battery Powered Lighting Kits

  • Providing light to rural / remote / temporary buildings without mains power
  • Multiple options to suit various lighting requirements
  • Easily installed, and being 12V does not require an electrician
  • Once installed there is little or no maintenance, except for battery charging

The Vysal Battery Powered Lighting Kits are a professional 12V lighting system engineered to provide all you need to provide lighting from a battery (not included).

The range is designed to provide a choice of single or multiple bulkhead light sources which can be mounted inside or out. The bulkheads are rated IP65 and are made of tough polycarbonate. Each kit is complete with wiring harness(es), the bulkhead light fitting(s), an IP54 rated weatherproof light switch and full installation instructions. Lamps must be ordered seperately depending on your choice of energy-saving 11W compact fluorescent or ECO-Friendly 2.8W or 7W LED lamps. The 11W CFL and 7W LED are approximately equivalent to a 60W GLS lamp in terms of light output. Although more expensive, the LED lamps will last up to 5 times longer than the CFL and draw less power meaning that your battery will require less frequent charging. 

You just need to source a suitable 12V deep cycle car or caravan battery of minimum 88AH rating. These can be purchased from garages, Halfords and caravan/boat suppliers.

The following are just some of the many applications where these kits can make a world of difference, especially when you consider the cost of installing a mains supply to a remote building.

Loose Boxes


Tack Rooms

Feed Stores


Animal Shelters

Tool Stores


Garden Sheds

Summer Houses

Sports Pavilions

Bicycle Sheds

Pub / Office / Factory Smoking Areas

Allotment Buildings


Boat Houses

Beach Huts

Shipping Containers

Lock-Ups etc.


They are also useful to light paths, steps or features in gardens, to provide lighting in vehicles, tents etc. at outdoor events; yo illuminate temporary obstacles such as scaffolding, collapsed walls, earthworks etc.; lighting for outdoor traders operating outside daylight hours and many, many other applications.