Decorlights for General Use

Decorlights for General Use

  • A range of striplights designed for institutional and domestic use where strength and reliability count
  • Made of tough polycarbonate for a long life
  • Suitable for bathrooms outside zone 1 & 2
  • British Made


Vysal’s classic Decorlight luminaire uses a low energy 11W PL CF lamp and is ideal for many applications such as bed head lighting in teenagers and children’s bedrooms.

It is frequently specified as a wall mounted decorative bulkhead luminaire in university halls of residence, residential care homes and other applications where its classic aesthetic design combined with eco-friendly credentials and tough construction are sought after features.

Decorlight is easy to install and very reliable.

Decorlight complements the Vysal Razorlight and may also be used in zone 3 of bathrooms (unswitched and pullcord versions only).

There are also versions with the 284mm 60W double ended tubular striplamps fitted. These are renowned for providing a warm tone skin colours preferred by many users.

Offering even better energy saving than the equivalent compact fluorescent, these fixtures have other added benefits.

· There is no delay on start-up
· There is no flicker as detected by some with fluorescents
· The lamps are cool running
· There is no mercury residue in exhausted lamps

Using the latest technology LED light sources, these luminaires are ideal in situations where low maintenance is a key factor. These include hospitals, care homes, hostels, barracks, motorway services, sheltered housing etc. They are also ideal in toilet facilities in offices, factories, etc.


– Suitable for bathroom use – zone 3 (not rocker switch version)
– Sleek, modern design in true white
– IP 21 rated (protected against dripping water)
– Opal diffuser
– Pull cord switched / unswitched / rocker switch
– Double insulated – no earthing
– Tough polycarbonate mouldings
– Horizonatal and vertical (NOT DET Striplamps options) installation on vertical surfaces.
– CE Marked – conforms to BSEN 60598-2-1and all EC Directives.
– Dimensions 425mm x 56mm
– Protrusion 70mm

Order Code Model (all supplied with lamp)
0119 Decorlight with pullcord switch and 7W PL CFL
0120 Decorlight with rocker switch and 11W CFL
0109 Decorlight with pullcord switch and 60W striplamp
0110 Decorlight with rocker switch and 60W striplamp