Fit n’ Forget Striplights


Fit n’ Forget Striplights

  • LED means long lamp life and low energy use
  • A range of striplights designed for institutional and domestic use where maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum
  • Made of tough polycarbonate for a long life
  • Suitable for bathrooms outside zones 1 & 2
  • Razorlights are supplied complete with an isolating transformer
  • British Made

Fit n’ Forget – the really useful range with near zero maintenance

A major issue for commercial users is not so much the initial purchase price of a luminaire but the on-going costs, especially maintenance.  Striplights are a common purchase for many institutional and residential applications and now Vysal have developed a range – including Razorlights – using long-life, low energy-consumption, British-made LED lamps.

These have many advantages over other light sources.  Compared to 60W incandescent lamp, they use only 4W and last up to 50 times longer according to the lamp manufacturers’ data. Furthermore they are cooler running.

Razor light

Compared with a compact or linear fluorescent, the LED starts instantly, has no flicker or delayed operation in cold conditions, gives a warmer tone light colour and has no residual mercury to be concerned about on its disposal at end of life.  With 50,000 hours’ lamp life, they are at least 5 times as long lasting as a fluorescent.


With lamp changing a major cost in hotels, hospitals, care homes, hostels, offices, barracks and other public buildings, these are an ideal solution which will cost much less in the long term, especially when compared with the lifetime power consumption.

For domestic users, such fittings can also be attractive in attics, porches, sheds and outbuildings as well as bathrooms and washrooms.

All the fittings listed are suitable for use in bathrooms outside zones 1 & 2

– Suitable for bathroom use – outside zones 1 & 2
– Sleek, modern design in true white
– IP 21 rated (protected against dripping water)
– Opal diffuser
– Pull cord switched or unswitched
– Double insulated – no earthing
– Tough polycarbonate mouldings
– Horizonatal and vertical installation on vertical surfaces.
– CE Marked – conforms to BSEN 60598-2-1and all EC Directives.
– Dimensions (Razorlight & Decorlight) 425mm x 56mm
– Protrusion 70mm
– Dimensions (Slimlight) 365mm x 45mm
– Protrusion 60mm

Order Code Model (all supplied with lamp)
0112 Slimlight striplight unswitched
0113 Slimlight striplight with pullcord switch
0210 Razorlight with pullcord switch and dual voltage shaver socket
0116 Decorlight luminaire with pullcord switch
0118 Decorlight luminaire unswitched