Heating Foil


Heating Foil

The Vysal range of heating foil is ideal for both new-build and refurbishment projects. It is a proven system with all components available from one source.


The foil is rated at 140W/m2 which will provide a good level of heat between all floating timber floors and the rolls are 0.5m wide making them ideal for easy installation in most rooms. It is especially useful for bathrooms where a wooden floor or carpet or vinyl flooring is planned as, unlike Vysa-Film, it is Class 1, earthed and thus suitable for such applications.

Each Vysa-Foil ordered is supplied with a length of heavy duty aluminium tape. This is for use when the foil is cut (to turn a corner) and will ensure that the foil does not tear where the cut has taken place and also ensures earth continuity.

The Vysa-Foil is easy to lay – simply roll out the mat and fix it to the floor.

Heavy duty aluminium tape is also offered in 50m rolls (order code 2323) and is recommended for holding the foil in place so that the flooring is easily laid on top without moving the heating elements.





It is essential to provide good insulation and a level surface. Use Vysa-pron Foamed polystyrene sheets 6mm thick between the subfloor and the foil.
Wooden flooring is laid directly on top of the Vysafoil taking care not to damage the foil.


For more product information visit www.floor-heating.co.uk

Length Order code watts
1.0m2 2316 140w
1.5m2 2317 210w
2.0m2 2318 280w
4.0m2 2319 560w
6.0m2 2320 840w
8.0m2 2321 1120w
10.0m2 2322 1400w
2323 50m Roll Heavy Duty Aluminium Tape