Infra-red Church Heaters


Infra-red Church Heaters

  • Designed for efficient infra-red heating below pews
  • Much more economic than heating the body of the church
  • Also ideal for localised heating of workstations
  • Available in brown or white finish
  • Choice of 5 wattages / sizes
  • Also ideal for animal rearing, kennels, catteries, large vivariums etc.

Designed for use heating church pews, these infra-red heaters have many applications providing localised heat such as office desks, factory work stations, and store checkouts. They are also useful for other localised heating applications such as heating areas for animal rearing, large vivariums and terrariums and dog kennels, catteries etc.

They are for vertical mounting and are finished in brown but white models can be supplied to special order. They can be controlled by a thermostat on a zoned basis so that only pews in use need be heated rather than the entire church. (Remember to include one in the pulpit as well!)


Utilising infra-red long-wave radiation means that only the solid objects that the waves meet are heated making it much more efficient. Thus in the church, you are not trying to heat the entire space which is inefficient and very expensive but just those objects, i.e. the worshippers, which need heating. In the vivarium, only the solid objects within including the residents are heated in just the same way as the sun heats making this the most natural form for reptiles, snakes and other livestock.

There are five panels to choose from from 100W to 400W capacity.

Each panel is fitted with an overload protection device to ensure that overheating cannot occur.

Ceiling fixing frames are available to special order.


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Suitable for use on 220/240V 50Hz mains supply

Suitable for use outdoors – IP44

Includes internal, self-resetting, thermal overload protection device

Ceiling frames are available to order separately for horizontal mounting

Panel can be cleaned using a damp cloth or brush with detergent

Ambient air temperature around panel must not exceed 40 deg C