Infra-Red Heating Cassettes

Infra-Red Heating Cassettes


These ceiling-mounted radiant heating cassettes provide a gentle, natural warmth which is cost-effective and efficient for localised and/or hard-to-heat areas.

They offer improved thermal comfort conditions in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They can also be used in a variety of specialist applications such as larger vivariums, zoos, aviaries, kennels and catteries, stables, piggeries and other farm and livestock environments.

The range consists of two sizes of 300W cassettes (one being slim-line for perimeter heating) and one rated 600W, all for wall or overhead mounting (to a maximum height of 4m or 13′). They can be surface mounted, suspended by rods or chains or laid into suspended ceiling grids in new or existing buildings.

model 600
The cassettes are maintenance-free, easy-to-clean with a white textured paint finish. They feature an integral thermal cut-out for safety purposes and are ideal for use with one of our air-sensing thermostats.



Ceiling Cassettes

Brackets are supplied for fixing direct to wall or ceiling. Alternatively, the cassette can be suspended by wire or rods from the ceiling.



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Code Wattage Size Description
3450 300 595x595x25mm 300W Cassette
3451 600 1195x595x25mm 600W Cassette
3452 300 1195x295x25mm 300W Slimline Cassette