Infra-red Radiant Panel for Church Pews and Other Localised Heating


Infra-red Radiant Panel for Church Pews and Other Localised Heating

  • Three sizes / wattages to choose from
  • Designed for use horizontally for localised heating
  • Finished in matt black
  • IP44 so suitable for use in farm and zoo environments



The range includes three sizes and wattages and was designed for use on a horizontal plane under church pews so that the radiant heat warms the floor and by convection the person sitting on the pew behind. But they have many other applications for localised heating in both domestic and commercial applications. They are ideal for use with animals whether pets, livestock or in zoos and veterinary hospitals. Rated IP44 they can be used safely in such environments.

Ecosun CH 1

All panels are supplied complete with a protective grille to protect users from any danger. The units are finished in matt black to blend into the background.


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Suitable for use on 220/240V 50Hz AC mains supply

Rated IP44 so suitable for use in varied conditions

Finished in Matt Black

Every unit supplied complete with protective grille

Mount a minimum 200mm above fixtures; mount minimum of 400mm above the floor

Code Wattage Size mm Weight Kg Description
3490 260 730x155x115 3.8 260W Infra Red Radiant Panel
3491 400 1096x155x115 4.3 400W Infra Red Radiant Panel
3492 600 1596x155x115 6.5 600W Infra Red Radiant Panel