Pipe Frost Protection Cables (Trace Heating)

Pipe Frost Protection Cables (Trace Heating)

  • Ideal for boiler condensate pipes ; external water pipes ; waste pipes in unheated areas ; lofts and outbuildings ; external waste pipes etc.
  • Built in Thermostat switches on when the temperature drops close to zero and off as the temperature rises for minimal running costs
  • Simply plug into a 13amp socket – no installation costs
  • Choice of 10 sizes up to 42m

Every winter we seem to get caught out when the temperatures drop, but there’s an easy way to protect vulnerable metal or plastic pipes up to 50mm in diameter from freezing. With our expertise in underfloor heating technologies, we now offer a simple yet effective solution to protecting pipework for homes, farms, stables, building sites etc.

Vysal offers a range of 10 sizes from 1m to 42m of frost protecting cable. It simply plugs into a 13amp socket with 1.5m tail. The cable is fixed along the pipe using standard insulating tape (or heavy duty aluminium tape – order code 2323 – which aids heat dispersion on plastic pipes), and flame retardant insulation up to 20mm (not included) applied to the pipe.


Once fitted, the integral thermostat automatically switches on the heating cable as the temperature drops to close to zero and off again as the temperature rises. This ensures that running costs are minimal which protecting pipes from expensive and damaging bursts and ensuring continuity of operation in the coldest of conditions.

The cable is rated IP66 for outdoor use, but should not be used on steam pipes or any other pipe where the temperature is likely to exceed 70 deg C.

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Order Code Length Wattage
3400 1m 10w
3401 2m 20w
3402 3m 30w
3403 4m 40w
3404 60m 72w
3405 10m 136w
3406 14m 152w
3407 21m 281w
3408 30m 337w
3409 42m 490w

Aluminum tape
code 2323 50m