Slimlight Striplights

model 101

Slimlight Striplights

  • Stylish striplights with many applications
  • A sleek, attractive design which will blend with many decors
  • All models are made from tough polycarbonate
  • Slimlight uses the 60W double ended striplamp providing warm skin-tone colours liked by most customers
  • British made

Vysal’s classic Slimlight striplight features a sleek, modern design . It is manufactured from tough injection moulded Polycarbonate in a crisp white colour for the main body and a true opal for the diffuser.

Slimlight is supplied complete with a traditional 284mm long DET 60W incandescent lamp. This lamp is the ‘original’ incandescent lamp against which others are benchmarked. Skin tones are correctly illuminated and the Slimlight striplight is a natural choice to install above a mirror in locations where make-up is applied.

The unswitched version is ideal for bathroom use where they are frequently installed horizontally above a mirror .

We recommend that the unswitched version using the det tungsten filament lamp is not installed vertically either side of the mirror or, any vertical attitude. The lamp filament is very long and heavy so fails prematurely when mounted vertically. The result of which is frequent lamp changing.

Slimlight striplights may be dimmed using an inexpensive, normal incandescent dimmer.

We also offer Slimlight with an ECO-Friendly 4W 284mm DET LED lamp with a rated life of 50,000 hours for low energy consumption and low maintenance. The 3W LED lamp is claimed by the manufacturers to have equivalent light output to the 60W DET lamp without any of the disadvantages of the incandescent lamp.

Sleek, modern design in true white

Opal diffuser – lamp caps not visible

IP 21 rated (protected against dripping water)

Unswitched models suitable for bathroom use – outside zones 1 & 2

Double insulated – no earthing

Tough polycarbonate mouldings

Horizontal mounting on a vertical surface only (vertical mounting is not permitted).

CE Marked -conforms to BSEN 60598-2-1 and all EC Directives.

Dimensions 365mm x 45mm

Protrusion 60mm

Order Code 0100 : 60W DET Slimlight – Unswitched
Order Code 0102 : 60W DET Slimlight – Push Button Switched