Solar Flood & Security Lighting Kits


Solar Flood & Security Lighting Kits

  • Providing light to rural buildings without mains  power.
  • Multiple options to suit various lighting requirements.
  • Either roof-mount the solar panel or select the special mounting bracket option for optimal effectiveness.
  • Easily installed and being 12V does not require an electrician.
  • Once installed there is little or no maintenance. Your lighting needs will be powered by the sun even in winter.
  • Hugely cheaper than installing a mains cable to remote locations.


The Vysal Solar Flood & Security Lighting Kits are a professional solar powered 12V lighting system engineered for the British climate. Each kit will supply localised lighting all the year round from the power of the sun.


Various solar panels are offered depending on your requirements in terms of operating times and light performance. The lights are LED Spot or Flood Lights robustly made and designed to light up an area either to facilitate working for short periods or, when used with a PIR Movement Sensor, as a security or courtesy device. Each kit is complete with wiring harnesses, a solar panel, the light fitting, an IP54  Weatherproof Light Switch or PIR Movement Sensor, a Solar Controller on larger models and full installation instructions. You just need to source a suitable 12V deep cycle car or caravan battery.

Choose the kit that most suits your needs. For domestic use the 8W or 10W kits will suit many applications whereas on farms and other commercial applications, the 30W floodlight will better fit the purpose.

The following are just some of the applications where these kits can make a world of difference: farms, stables, building sites, quarries, pheasant pens, remote buildings, gardens, sports pavilions, domestic houses – in fact anywhere where a  floodlight will help achieve a task or deter crime.


Rural crime is a major issue in the current times and anything you can do to help deter thieves and vandals can only assist. If you can mount the solar kit including the battery, panel and floodlight somewhere difficult to reach, then intruders cannot even cut cables to disable the system which they can often do with mains lighting.

Just remember that once installed, all the power comes from the sun, for FREE!  Compare the cost to that of laying on and installing power cables and then the on-going electricity charges.


The special mounting bracket for the solar panel.

Unlike many on offer, these kits are professionally designed and made in the UK for a long and effective life.



Code Without Mounting Bracket Code With Mounting Bracket Solar Panel Rating With On/Off Switch With PIR Movement Sensor LED Spot / Flood Light Minutes Per Day in December*
8030 8031 10W X 1 x 8W Spot 55
8042 8033 10W X 1 x 8W Spot 55
8036 8037 20W X 1 x 10W Flood 120
8034 8035 20W X 1 x 10W Flood 120
8040 8041 28W X 1 x 30W Flood 55
8038 8039 28W X 1 x 30W Flood 55

*The figures are taken from official EU data from calculations made at Bristol. December represents the ‘worst case scenario’ when the solar panel is least productive in UK conditions. During other months, the performance will be improved. Remember too that if you don’t utilise the light or lights to the full extent on a given day, the available operating time on the following or subsequent days will increase accordingly.