Solar Lighting Kit 10w


Solar Lighting Kit 10w


sl10w1 Rural Solar Lighting Kit 10W is the entry level solar powered lighting kit ideal for illuminating the stable, yard, tack room, field shelter or lock-up store in livery situations.

Plus many other agricultural or equestrian applications in locations where mains quality lighting is required but no mains power supply exists.

sl10w2 Imagine the luxury of all the light that you need when you have to feed, muck out and rug up every morning and evening during the cold, dark months of winter.

The high performance 10W solar panel generates energy during daylight hours and stores it in a 12V car or caravan battery for use during the hours of darkness.

The length of time that you can use the light each day without running the battery flat depends upon the solar energy available.

There is much less energy available in the winter when you most need the lighting. December is the critical month with least solar radiation available to re-charge the battery. Please refer to the table below to see how long you can use the light for each day (on average) without running the battery flat.

Rural Solar Lighting Kit 10W is designed for safety and practicality. The lamp is enclosed in a tough, weather proof bulkhead luminaire to prevent any possibility of broken glass from the lamp if your horse rears up. The light switch is a strong weather proof design to withstand the tough stable environment.

Rural Solar Lighting Kit 10W comes with a pre-connected solar panel and wiring harness so can easily and safely be installed by anyone in about 1 hour (no special tools required) following the comprehensive fitting instructions provided. We fit the connectors, crocodile clips, fuses and all the connector terminals in our factory so that installation is very straight forward for you. Then, it is simply a question of preparing the cables and inserting the ends into the connector blocks.

Use nylon ties or metal brackets (not supplied) to fix the solar panel onto the selected mounting surface. A better (but more expensive) option is to purchase the Wall Mounting Bracket accessory for the10W solar panel (Fixed 36° and adjustable 45°) as standard. The Wall Bracket is shown below as an accessory. A pole mounting accessory is also available – see below.

If you move to another stables, you can take your Rural Lighting Kit 10W with you as it isn’t permanently wired to a mains supply.

The Rural Solar Lighting Kit 10W has a 10 year warranty and will easily pay back its investment many times over.

Order Code 8003 – Rural Solar Lighting Kit with 1 x 7W CFL Lamp (equivalent to a 40W GLS lamp)
Order Code 8006 – Rural Solar Lighting Kit with 1 x 11W CFL Lamp (equivalent to a 60W GLS lamp)



(NB one 5-m length of cable is pre-fitted to the solar panel and not as shown in the main picture above).



The Rural Solar Lighting Kit 10W contains:

· 10 W crystalline solar panel (35 year life expectancy)
· 1 x 7W or 1 x 11W 12V energy saving CFL with E27 cap (typical life expectancy 8,000 h)
· 1 x IP54 weatherproof bulkhead luminaire with E27 12V lampholder
· 2 x 5m lengths of 2-core cable with red / black conductors (1mm2 c.s.a.)
· 1 x IP54 weather proof wall switch
· 1 x wiring harness c/w 2 x inline fuses, battery clips and connectors.

Required but NOT supplied:

We recommend that you purchase a 12V car or caravan deep cycle battery with a capacity of at least 75Ak~85Ah so that you can be certain that you will always have enough light available. A battery of this type is available from most motoring / caravanning shops.

The Numax sealed leisure 110 12V 80 Ah battery costing £71.99 is ideal and can be purchased from – click here

If, over the course of a month, you use more energy than the solar panels generate you can take the battery home and give it an overnight boost using a car battery charger.

For the technically minded:

A charge controller is not required when a 10W solar panel is used with a 75Ah battery as the unregulated charge current cannot damage the battery. If you use a sealed lead acid battery with less capacity than that recommended above, you will need a 4Ah charge controller. Call our sales helpline if you need assistance and they will be happy to advise you.

Optional accessories to order separately:

You can add a second light to your system if you want to. You might like to consider purchasing the ajustable wall mounting bracket for the solar panel:

Order Code 8698 – Wall Bracket for 10W solar panel (Fixed 36° and adjustable 45°)
Order Code 8696 – 12V Bulkhead Luminaire for 7W & 9W CFL 12V lamp (Opal Lens)
Order Code 8105 – 12V Bulkhead Luminaire for 11W & 15W CFL 12V lamp (Prismatic Lens)
Order Code 8050 – 7W CFL 12V Lamp (Equiv. to 40W GLS) typ. life 8,000 hr
Order Code 8051 – 11W CFL 12V Lamp (Equiv. to 60W GLS) typ. life 8,000 hr
Order Code 8052 – 15W CFL 12V Lamp (Equiv. to 75W GLS) typ. life 8,000 hr
Order Code 8053 – Light Switch – weather proof to IP54 (1 Pole, 2-Way)
Order Code 8083 – 1 x 5m of (1mm2 csa : 8.75A) red-black 2-core cable to BS6862
Order Code 8097 – 12V Battery Box
Order Code 8098 – Insulated Safety Clamps for connecting cable to 12V Battery
Order Code 8704 – Pole Mounting accessory for Wall Bracket (order code 8698)
Order Code 8716 – Pack of 10 x yellow continental type fuse rated 5 Amps (25mm long)



You can use the pipe fixing bracket for fixing to a 2″ diameter scaffold pole.

Order Code 8704 (comes as 2 x pipe clamps as shown here )



The 12V Battery Box (Order Code 8097) is shown below


Adding a second light is simple – the connections are as shown.