Vysa-Bond PLUS Adhesive for bonding Vysa-Pron to porous sub-floors.

Vysa-Bond PLUS Adhesive for bonding Vysa-Pron to porous sub-floors.

  • Vysa-Pron™ thermal insulation sheets must be securely bonded to the sub-floor to ensure that the final floor finish has integrity once applied
  • Vysa-Bond™ PLUS adhesive is suitable for use on porous surfaces
  • Use Vysa-Bond™ RAPID adhesive for non-porous surfaces

Vysa-Pron thermal insulation sheets are the most convenient, cost effective thermal floor insulation for use with all electric underfloor heating systems. They provide an essential function for the economic operation of your installation throughout its lifetime

Vysa-Pron thermal insulation sheets must be securely bonded to the sub-floor to ensure that the final floor finish has integrity once applied.

We offer two high performance adhesives for Vysa-Pron thermal insulation sheets. Vysa-Bond PLUS adhesive is suitable for use on porous surfaces. Vysa-Bond RAPID adhesive is suitable for non-porous surfaces.

If you are intending to install Vysa-Pron in the winter or at ambient temperatures below 15oC we recommend that you use Vysa-Bond RAPID and not Vysa-Bond PLUS.

If you are uncertain whether the sub-floor is sufficiently porous we again recommend that you use Vysa-Bond RAPID to bond Vysa-Pron to the sub-floor. Vysa-Bond RAPID will bond when Vysa-Bond PLUS will not.

Vysa-Bond PLUS has been produced to provide a cost effective polymer with good adhesive properties when installing Vysa-Pron thermal insulation to floors for use with electric underfloor heating systems or, to walls simply to improve the dwellings thermal insulation. Undiluted, Vysa-Bond PLUS passes the BS 5270 Part 1: 1989 test requirements for adhesive bond strength.

Vysa-Bond PLUS may also be used at dilutions of up to 4:1 to enable the installer to seal / prime the exposed surface of the Vysa-Pron after it has been bonded to the sub-floor. Test have shown that bond strength of tile adhesive and latex floor smoothing compound is greatly improved if the Vysa-Pron surface is primed.

Vysa-Bond PLUS is intended for bonding Vysa-Pron thermal insulation to sub-floors with porous surfaces such as cement screed or wood. The adhesive dries / cures when the water content is absorbed by the floor surface / evaporates. Since Vysa-Pron is non-porous the floor surface must be porous to enable the curing mechanism to function correctly. Therefore, Vysa-Bond PLUS is unsuitable for bonding Vysa-Pron to non-porous surfaces such as:

Smooth or polished concrete sub-floor.
Floor covered with self levelling compound.
Floor with a water resistant epoxy membrane.
On top of existing ceramic tiles.

In such applications you must use Vysa-Bond RAPID which has been specifically developed for bonding Vysa-Pron to non-porous surfaces. Vysa-Bond RAPID is a quick-curing formulation that allows installation of the electric underfloor heating system to proceed un-interrupted with only a 30 minute delay whilst the adhesive cures.


Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from any contaminants liable to impair adhesion.

Bonding conditions

The Vysa-Bond PLUS adhesive, sub-floor surface and ambient temperature should ideally be a minimum of 20°C. The moisture content of the wood materials should be uniform and should not exceed 12%.

Method of application

Vysa-Bond PLUS is supplied with a roller but can also be applied by serrated glue spreader or brush. Application is normally to one surface only and we recommend application to the sub-floor surface at a rate of 150 g/m².


1 kg of Vysa-Bond PLUS used neat will typically cover 6m2 ~ 8m2 depending upon the porosity / absorbency of the sub-floor surface.

Do not dilute Vysa-Bond PLUS nor prime the sub-floor surface to improve coverage as this will impair adhesion curing.

Only use diluted (4:1 with water) Vysa-Bond PLUS as a sealer primer for the upper surface of Vysa-Pron to improve adhesion of the tile adhesive or latex floor smoothing compound. Cure time under optimal conditions can be 30 ~ 40 minutes. Allow to cure fully before laying the heating mat / tiling the floor.

Open assembly times

Maximum 15 minutes depending on the sub-floor surface. Assembly times are dependent on ambient conditions and the absorbency of the sub-floor surface.

Cure times

Under optimum conditions with adhesive, sub-floor surface and ambient temperature >20°C, low humidity and absorbent sub-floor surface, Vysa-Bond PLUS can cure in about 2 ~ 3 hours. At lower temperatures Vysa-Bond PLUS will take much longer to cure and we recommend that you allow an overnight cure. Do not attempt to bond Vysa-Pron to sub-floors at below 10°C using Vysa-Bond PLUS as it will take a long time to cure (perhaps 2 ~ 3 days in high humidity conditions).

STORAGE Store Vysa-Bond PLUS in cool dry conditions between +5oC and +30oC . Protect from frost.

HEALTH & SAFETY Vysa-Bond PLUS does not create a health hazard and is safe in normal use. Always observe good personal hygiene practices. Ensure adequate ventilation if using in confined areas. Wear goggles where risk of splashing occurs. Splashes in the eye must be washed out immediately with clean water for at least 10 minutes, then seek medical attention. Wash splashes off skin with cold water before the PVA dries. Any dried resin can be removed with hot water or skin cleansers. Do not take internally.

Keep out of reach of children.

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