Vysa-Floor Free Floating Sub-Floor


Vysa-Floor Free Floating Sub-Floor

  • For use with Vysa-Film under carpets, vinyl, cork and linoleum
  • Supplied complete with Vysa-Bond Plus to laminate the sheets together

Vysa-Floor free floating sub-floor is the ideal sub-floor for fitted carpet, vinyl, cork and linoleum for use with Vysa-Film electric underfloor heating systems.

Until now, electric underfloor heating systems have generally been associated with hard floor coverings such as ceramic tiles and stone.


However, research conducted by BSRIA in Bracknell and funded by the Carpet Foundation in conjunction with the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association (UHMA) has proved conclusively that any carpet can be used over an underfloor heating system without impairing the performance of the system.Carpet Close Up

It is now a fact that any carpet and underlay system with combined thermal resistance of less than 2.5 tog allows the underfloor heating system to operate efficiently.

Vysa-Film radiant floor heating is the modern and easy way to install floor heating systems that provide greater comfort and well being than any other heating system.

Vysa-Floor is formed from precision machined 600 x 1200 mm sheets of 4mm thick MDF material and easily laid as two layers which are bonded together to form a single laminated sub-floor ready to accept your chosen floor finish.

A pack comes with sufficient Vysa-Bond PLUS adhesive to laminate the sheets together. The light-weight, easy to handle sheets are readily cut with a retractable bladed knife. Simply score the board two or three times and then snap along the cut.DSC_9994_052

The sheets are cut and laid in a chequer board fashion like bonding bricks. The upper layer is laid differently from the lower layer to ensure that joints don’t overlap. The Vysa-Bond PLUS adhesive is best applied from a paint tray using the roller supplied and will cure in 20 minutes at 25C so there is no waiting about for adhesive to dry.

For even faster installation times upgrade to Vysa-Bond RAPID adhesive which cures even faster than Vysa-Bond PLUS does.

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