Vysa-Therm Programmable Thermostat 3000

vysa-therm 3000

Vysa-Therm Programmable Thermostat 3000

  • Pre-programmed fro GMT/BST changeovers, leap years etc.
  • Designed and made in Great Britain NOT the Far East
  • Designed for use with all Vysal under-floor heating systems including mats cables and film
  • Competitively priced
  • Suitable for use in bathrooms outside Zones 1 & 2
  • Available in White, Silver and Orchid to suit all decors

Vysa-Therm 3000 is amongst the most advanced thermostats currently available in the market today. They are packed full of features to make life simple for the installer and user alike.

The design incorporates a 3V Lithium coin battery to protect the factory pre-set time and date for up to 10 years so that the installer doesn’t need to enter them during installation. The battery ensures that no settings are lost during a power cut and the user need take no action following re-instatement of the normal power supply.

The Vysa-Therm 3000 is highly reliable and has a free three-year guarantee from the date of manufacture.

Vysa-Therm 3000 is one of the easiest controllers to programme. Even so, we offer a return to base programming service. You can send the front module of Vysa-Therm 3000 back to us to test or re-programme as you wish. No call out fees, no electrician or specialist skills required.

The front module of Vysa-Therm 3000 is easily removed from main body simply remove the 2 x securing screws located under the hinged cover and, carefully pull the module forwards.

Then carefully pack it up and send it back to us. We will re-programme and check that everything works fine before returning it to you for a small charge. You will need to tell us what you want.

vysa1Vysa-Therm 3000 for 100% safety for bathrooms

The Vysa-Therm 3000, rated IP 31, is the latest model designed for full safety compatibility with the requirements of Section 701.753 of the 17th Edition of BS7671:2008 which now allow thermostats to be installed inside the bathroom provided it is located outside of Zone 2 – at least 60cm from the boundary of the bath or shower.

A very popular feature of the Vysa-Therm 3000’s design is the fact that we can supply the floor sensor and the main controller separately at different times to suit the build. Also, that the base unit of the main controller can be installed without the front computer display part. This is particularly useful when contracting to developers. The front computer display part of the main controller can be withheld and only fitted after the client has paid for the installation. This has proved to be very popular in getting paid.

Vysa-Therm 3000 : Simply more intelligent than all the rest.

Vysa-Therm 3000 is designed to provide an energy efficient system with the highest levels of comfort and economy combined with energy savings.

Everything is factory pre-set for simplicity even the time and date settings as experience has told us that just one comprehensive programme suits 95% of all applications. You only need to change the programme if you are one of the 5% with a different requirement. Vysa-Therm 3000 is one of the easiest controllers to programme.

Vysa-Therm 3000 : Convenient features

  • When the clocks change you don’t have to.

We have programmed the control so that it automatically adjusts itself when the clocks change for summer time and back again in the autumn. Advance from GMT by +1 hour.

  • Switch Vysa-Therm 3000 On ~ Off

Our customers asked for an On ~ Off switch so now you can send the controller to sleep and it will STAND BY using NO POWER until you want to operate the heating again; and you don’t lose any settings. Try that with our competitor’s thermostats!

  • Clean uncluttered appearance

Only the UP and DOWN buttons to raise or lower temperature are visible. All other buttons are hidden away behind a hinge down front cover.


  • Child lock to maintain parental control

Enable the child lock and the Vysa-Therm 3000 controller won’t respond to buttons pressed by “little fingers”.

  • The only thermostat with a PIN FEATURE for absolute security

Enables you to protect against any unauthorised changes to thermostat settings. The Vysa-Therm 3000 cannot be set or adjusted unless you enter the PIN.

The PIN feature is easily enabled or disabled and the administrator can select their own 4-digit PIN number.

We’ve thought of everyone

There are two modes of operation (timed or un-timed) which can selected via the DIL switches during installation. The setting can also be changed within the engineer’s menu based program.

When timed operation is chosen the thermostat uses a real time clock and timer periods to change between comfort temperature and the savings temperature.

When un-timed operation is chosen the control functions as a simple thermostat and the required temperature is manually adjusted using the up and down buttons.

The Vysa-Therm 3000 is ideal for installers and stockists because they can select the desired controller function ‘on site’. If the customer wants a basic manual thermostat the installer can change the DIL switch during installation. The control can easily be re-set as a timed controller again if required using the DIL switch or the menu based program.

Default settings

vysa2The Vysa-Therm 3000 is the simplest thermostat to install and never programme. The default programme has been optimised for economy and comfort suitable for typical lifestyles. Experience has told us that just one comprehensive programme will suit 95% of all applications. For simplicity and your convenience, we pre-set everything for you in the factory when the Vysa-Therm 3000 is programmed. The default settings are :

•Time, Day and Date are factory pre-set for your convenience
•Floor sensor mode – max 28 deg C
•Programmable 5:2 mode (weekdays:weekends)
•Wooden Floor construction

You can easily change any settings if you wish. The slider settings at the rear of the front cover enables the installer to quickly change a control without using the menu based programme.

Programme mode is 5:2 and any of these periods, times or temperature settings can be changed or deleted very easily as required


Thermostat Load and Contact Life

We strongly recommend that you do not load the Vysa-Therm 3000 thermostat to the full extent of its 16A relay contact rating. It is good practice to restrict the load to 2kW~2.4kW (10A~12A). The relay is rated according to the requirements of EN 61810-1:2004 and EN60730-1 which are not representative of ‘real life’ applications but an arbitrary test method. Critically, relay contact life is affected by loading and at 10A~12A the contact life is more than double its life at 16A.

In addition, measurement accuracy and control of room temperature is optimal at loads below 2kW~2.4kW. The relay contacts have resistance proportional to current passed and greater currents cause greater losses across the relay contacts. These losses can increase the internal temperature of the thermostat and affect the thermistor used for air temperature control.

Vysa-Therm 3000 has been designed to minimise the internal self-heating affect and is, according to our test results, the only thermostat available in the market today that can accurately measure and control room temperature. None of our competitors perform well in this respect.


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Colour Code
White 3000
Silver 3000 silver
Orchid 3000 orchid