Warmsoles® Under-Rug Infra-Red Heating Elements

Warmsoles® Under-Rug Infra-Red Heating Elements

  • Designed as a loose heating element to use under rugs on tiled floors – especially useful in Mediterranean countries in winter but can be used anywhere.
  • Supplied complete with a 2m tail and plug for connection to 220/240V supply
  • Low running costs means it can be used extensively in cold weather
  • Manufactured from radiant heating film, the elements are slim and unobtrusive
  • Available in 3 lengths in 1m widths – other lengths to special order

The Mediterranean climate is warm in the summer but can be cold and damp in the winter.

Warmsoles heating elements have been designed especially for this climate and the houses built in the region. However, they are equally suited to any tiled floor, anywhere.

Properties with ceramic tiled floors can be cold in the winter and draw heat from our bodies. The Warmsoles heating elements are ideal for auxiliary winter heating.

Their low power consumption (from £5.40/m2/month) makes them economical to run and their radiant heating effect makes them the most comfortable of all heating systems.

warmsoles2With no installation work involved they are simple to commission. Just unpack them and lay them out where needed. Cover them with a rug and plug them into the wall socket. Within a very short time they will be warm. You can leave them running permanently during cold periods.

You can leave your Warmsoles heating elements underneath your rugs all summer until you require them again. Or, you can remove them, roll them up and store them in their original cartons during the summer.

You can cut the Warmsoles heating elements at the designated positions to reduce their length. Follow the instructions provided. No technical skill is required.

Comfort at work in the office, factory, warehouse too …..

Lay a rug under your desk and use a Warmsoles heating element beneath it to keep your feet nice and warm even on the coldest days.

Legs of man under desk

Warmsoles heating elements are supplied with a 2m long mains lead complete with 2 Pin Plug (2.5A, 250V CEE7 type) for Europe and 3 Pin plug for UK. Use multi-way adaptors for more than one element.

For more product information visit www.floor-heating.co.uk


Order Code Length Width Power Plug Type
2276 1m 1m 160W UK 13Amp
2277 2m 1m 320W UK 13Amp
2278 3m 1m 480W UK 13Amp
2283 1m 1m 160W Euro
2284 2m 1m 320W Euro
2285 3m 1m 480W Euro